Voice Customer

Voice of the Customer

Understanding the customer used to be “easy”. There was a formula and it worked. Then came the internet and the emergence of Web 2.0, bringing with it an explosion of digital touch points – emails, blogs, wikis, forums, and an array of collaborative media. Today, customers have a loud and clear voice. They openly share ideas, perceptions, and problems about products and companies. They create trusted communities and powerful, influential constituencies.
It’s an information-rich channel with a wealth of untapped customer intelligence. Traditional technologies can’t gain access or decipher the unstructured content that today’s customer conversations and insights are built upon. enherent’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution uses dynamic and adaptive ETL (extract, load & transform) and learning-based analytics to:
  • Access unstructured content from internal and external sources
  • Integrate unstructured and structured data
  • Analyze the integrated data to deliver a 360º View of the Customer.
  • Understand what customer are saying, what they think and what they want
Our VOC solution allows you to be more responsive to customer issues, perceptions and requirements, create a compelling experience, and making customers a part of the innovation process, while decreasing the cost and time associated with deciphering valuable customer feedback and untapping hidden information. With enherent’s VOC solution, customers can address the following:
  • Innovation
  • Reputation Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Acquisition, growth and retention
  • Call Center Optimization
  • Quality and Safety
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