ICD 9 ICD 10 Migration

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Migration

enherent provides proprietary software tools and services that can assist your organization with achieving compliance in the migration to ICD-10 coding.  The solution is web based and, designed to guide your experts through the process of discovering and analyzing the impact of the ICD-10 transition on your business applications.
Inventory Analysis
The process begins with gathering the application inventory. This includes all the application entities such as programs, screens, scheduler, JCL to be included in the analysis. System Anatomy will do a comprehensive review of the applications and identify missing entities.
Impact Analysis/Assessment
High-level impact assessment determines the potential size and scope of basic remediation. We utilize our proprietary software tool to search for all the impacts of ICD-10 procedure or diagnostic changes on a variety of code bases, and identify the potential modifications required. Our software tool will quickly discover all potential impacted fields as well as locate any downstream fields (e.g. redefined, moved, overlays, etc.) to allow you to develop a conversion strategy, budget, and identify potential issues.
Risk Mitigation
If your ICD-10 efforts are already underway, we provide validation services. Most analysis is completed as of a point in time – as a result, anything new or changed in the IT application is often not included in the ongoing ICD-10 transition causing errors or issues that are not caught until testing. Utilizing our proprietary software tool for discovery purposes and implementing a refreshable process, we help to integrate and coordinate ICD-10 efforts with all ongoing project initiatives.
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