IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express

IBM® Cognos® Express is fully integrated business intelligence (BI) and planning solution built to meet the needs of midsize companies.


IBM Cognos Express Reporter meets all of your reporting needs with complete self-service reporting and ad hoc query capabilities. It empowers business users to access, modify or author reports quickly and easily.


  • Simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop authoring capabilities that are easily accessible from a Web browser for self-service reporting by any user, from novice to expert.
  • A common metadata model that presents information to users in business terms they understand, so they can be productive right away.
  • Access to all corporate data in any combination, including relational, analytical OLAP or even desktop files for comprehensive, accurate reporting.
  • Broad report coverage to meet the needs of different users, including financial, production, operational, transactional, managed or ad hoc reports.
  • Interactive dashboards that can be shared company-wide and support collaborative feedback.
  • The ability to easily maintain and update a report throughout its life cycle using a common, shared interface that can be accessed by all business users.


IBM Cognos Express Advisor gives business users and analysts at midsize companies the ability to quickly analyze complex data and easily share business insights with high-impact visualization. Its write-back capabilities enable users to take immediate action for the most effective business outcomes.

  • Includes a fast and powerful in-memory analytics server that quickly connects to operational data sources and creates a dimensional view of your business.
  • Uses simple drill-down and drill-up capabilities and flexible graphic displays for quick analysis of key areas, such as customers, products and geographies.
  • Includes bar, line, area, pie, radar, bubble, scatter and range charts and graphs, plus geo maps and heat/performance maps for high-impact visualization.
  • Offers self-service analytics through an intuitive Web-based interface.
  • Provides flexible delivery throughout the company using Web-based dashboards and interactive reports that encourage wide user adoption.


IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator extends and transforms the familiar Excel front-end with a powerful in-memory analytics engine. It’s perfectly suited for multi-dimensional analysis and strategic planning tasks, enabling a new level of insight and action, as well as speed.

  • Transform Excel to quickly deliver multi-dimensional business analysis and planning.
  • Build and test business scenarios with powerful “what-if” modeling.
  • Update plans immediately using write-back capabilities.
  • Take advantage of existing Excel skills and investments while overcoming the risks and limitations of spreadsheet-only processes.


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