IBM Cognos Content Analytics

IBM Cognos Content Analytics

Masses of unstructured content can be found internal  and external to almost any organization—in customer call notes, documents, web pages and more. All this content contains a wealth of insight that can help an organization work smarter, serve customers better, control costs and plan effectively for the future.

IBM Cognos® Content Analytics is a complete solution that provides organizations with the necessary tools to discover the business value contained within unstructured content. Working through a dynamic, highly visual interface, this solution discovers important information by identifying and surfacing correlations enabling organizations to discover hidden trends, augment BI reports, or enhance business processes with unstructured content.

IBM Cognos Content Analytics enables organizations to:

  • Access virtually any type of structured, semi-structured or unstructured content found within the enterprise
  • Explore and analyze content with a dynamic, highly visual interface that integrates easily with IBM Cognos 8 BI for additional reporting, analysis and information delivery
  • Spot issues and important trends that may fall outside of the normal business reporting channels
  • Deliver new insights to business users across the organization, and help them go from insight to action with confidence

IBM Cognos Content Analytics supports semantic search as well as navigation. It enables business users to discover, refine and deliver new insights by highlighting trends, anomalies and deviations through advanced visualizations and by analyzing unstructured content alongside standard metrics and data.


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