Business Analytics Products

Business Analytics Products

enherent business analytics solutions leverage a number of advanced analytics technologies including text (or content) analytics, business intelligence and predictive modeling to deliver better business insights. As the volume, variety and velocity of information continues to accelerate, business analytics products enable organizations to:

  • Access virtually any type of structured, semi-structured or unstructured content (text) found within and outside the enterprise
  • Explore and analyze content and data with dynamic, highly visual interfaces that integrate with other analysis, modeling and information delivery products
  • Spot issues and important trends that may fall outside of the normal business reporting channels
  • Create additional reporting, analysis and visualizations of key business insights

New and better insights can be delivered to business users across the organization to predict and respond to opportunities and threats with greater confidence and speed. Examples of business applications include:

Business analytics deliver better business insights that improve decision making, achieve better business outcomes and create competitive advantage.

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